The Exquisite Corpse Comic Book

By now, y’all know what an Exquisite Corpse is*, if not check out Bob Duggan’s excellent description.

The Exquisite Corpse Festival has taken this game into as many different media as possible, from the traditional (drawing, printmaking, sculpture) to the nontraditional (dance, theater, toys) and the truly bizarre (tattooing, taxidermy, deconstruction).  Combining the narrative fun of our theatrical experiments and our roots in visual arts, it was only natural that our next experiment would be a comic book.

The comic book was written one page at a time, but each artist only saw the final panel from the page before theirs.  A little bit funny, a little bit scary, and a little bit erotic…it’s the story of a worm that becomes a flying cat and befriends a robot.  Together they…well, you’ll have to read it to appreciate it. 🙂

You want to read it?  Well, you can!  We’re kickstarting the project to move it from a digital book to a real, actual, paper book that you can hold in your hands and everything!  Check out the video explanation and claim your own comic book here.

Jason Tyne-Zimmerman

Exquisite Corpse Comic Book

*Did I just say ‘y’all’?  Yeah, I did…that’s what a two-year hiatus down south will do to you.


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