The Exquisite Corpse Festival 2013

Just because we’re on hiatus, doesn’t mean we’re not making art.  Here’s what we’ve been working on for the past year:

The first ever Exquisite Corpse Comic Book.  This will be a 32-page book where each page is being illustrated by a different artist.  The catch is that each artist will only be able to see the last panel of the page before them, so this is sure to be a surreal journey through the minds of 32 different artists.  I can’t give too much away at this point; as you know I wouldn’t want to influence the story…but I can announce who we have working on it:

[edit 5/11/2014]

We CAN announce the whole thing now!  Check out the kickstarter for the Exquisite Corpse Comic Book and get a copy for yourself!

Page 1 – Erin Parsons

Page 2 – Kieran Quinn

Page 3 – Frank Kadar

Page 4 – Jim Siergey

Page 5 – Cole Johnson

Page 6 – Abby Denson

Page 7 – Andy Nukes

Page 8 – Monte Wolverton

Page 9 – George Berlin

Page 10 – Ryan Brown

Page 11 – Scott Henricks

Page 12 – Jesse Balmer

Page 13 – Chuck Harrison

Page 14 – Bernard Dumaine

Page 15 – Mr. Zombs

Page 16 – Franzie Weldgen

Page 17 – David D’Ostilio

Page 18 – Jason Tyne-Zimmerman

Page 19 – Eric Hutchison

Page 20 – Raffaele Marinetti

Page 21 – Héctor Pineda

Page 22 – Niagara Balls

Page 23 – Raheem Nelson

Page 24 – Luca Rossi

Page 25 – Little Red-Haired Girl

Page 26 – Mora Harris

Page 27 – Mica Angela Hendricks

The Blackdown

“The Breakdown” by Hector Pineda


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