We want your tee-shirts!

We want your tee-shirts!

Our first batch of experimental tee-shirts are complete!  We’re super-excited by how they turned out and we’re excited to do another run.  We are looking for artists and print-makers that make tee-shirts.  At the end of the day you’ve got those test tee-shirts and misprints, and at the end of the season you’ll have those tee-shirts that didn’t sell and you’re going to discontinue.  Don’t let those tee’s go to waste!  Send them our way and we’ll cut them up and mix them with other artists’ work to make new and exciting collaborations.  If you’re local to one of our contacts, we’ll send someone to pick them up; if you’re faraway, put them in a box and we’ll pay for the postage!  Be part of our next experiment: exquisite corpse wearable art.


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