The Exquisite Corpse Festival 2011

The Exquisite Corpse Festival 2011

Theater was so shunned by André Breton that members were expelled for even attempting it!  The surrealists claimed that Exquisite Corpse Theater couldn’t be done…so you know that means we had to try it.

The first play in the festival is “Vos Orielles” by John Patrick Bray, Anton Dudley and Matthew Grzybowski and costumed by Kim Young.

A very sweet story in which a couple’s love is refined…but will it become caramelized?

The second play in the series is “Plus ca Change” by Stacy Davidowitz, Eric Samuelsen, and Jamie King and costumed by Annie Arthur.

Just what is Dawson hiding from Joey…or is Joey hiding something from Dawson?

The third, and final, play in the series is “Au Revoir” by Alexandra Collier, Shalini Tripathi, and Sara Farrington and costumed by Jason Tyne-Zimmerman.

A man finds out that he is leaking, can talk to pigeons, and meets his birth father!

…but wait, there’s more!

It wouldn’t be an Exquisite Corpse Festival without a few surprises on the way.

See Me Tell Me will drop by to place 30 “See Me Tell Me Shifts” along 26th street. These tiny dresses are fashioned after light summer frocks and decorated with graffiti seen in London, Paris, Bushwick, Williamsburg, Chelsea and SoHo.  Come by and take one home!

If that wasn’t enough there will also be exquisite corpse as Dance, Tattooing, and Music!

And as a special treat, the folks over at Fluxus are currently working together exquisite-corpse style to create a performance score that will be performed every night at the Exquisite Corpse Festival.  This will be your chance to jump on stage and become part of the event as the audience will be performing this mash-up of the Exquisite Corpse and Fluxus!

Opening Night Thurs Oct 13th; Performances Thurs — Sun and Every Night will be Different!



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